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CBF State and Regional Coordinators Respond in a Joint Statement

Paul Baxley, the executive coordinator of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, is announcing that the coordinators of CBF’s 19 state and regional organizations have released the following response to the violence at the United States Capitol Wednesday afternoon.

“I am grateful for their shared witness in this moment of national crisis and thank them for their leadership,” Baxley said.

The coordinators’ statement is below:

Blessed Are The Peacemakers (Mt 5:9)
A Response to Violence at The United States Capitol by CBF State and Regional Coordinators

As Baptist Leaders who represent a rich tradition of faith, freedom and responsibility, we urge all Christians in this time of violent actions and national political upheaval to pray and work for peace and the common good.  To that end, we condemn all vain invocations of the name of Jesus or Christian Scriptures and symbols.  Christian Nationalism and white supremacy are antithetical to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  

We pray for de-escalation and repentance of the use of violence to accomplish political objectives.  

We pray for unity in our country that comes from respect, good will and trust.  We serve a God who in Jesus Christ brings true reconciliation and hope in a broken world.  

We amplify the words of Jesus, “Blessed are the peacemakers,” and pray that faithful Christians will stand with courage and embrace Christ’s calling at this defining moment.

  • Bob Fox, CBF Kentucky
  • Rick Bennett, Tennessee CBF
  • Larry Hovis, CBF of North Carolina
  • Terry Maples, CBF of Virginia
  • Jeff Langford, CBF Heartland
  • Rick McClatchy, CBF of Texas
  • Terri Byrd, Alabama CBF
  • Kyle Kelley, CBF  of Louisiana
  • Ray Higgins, CBF of Arkansas
  • Ray Johnson, Florida CBF
  • Jody Long, CBF of Georgia
  • Phyllis Boozer, Baptist Fellowship Of The Northeast
  • Glen Foster, CBF West
  • Sean Roberds, Mid-Atlantic CBF
  • Marv Knox, Fellowship Southwest
  • Steve Graham, CBF of Oklahoma
  • Jay Kieve, CBF of South Carolina
  • Jim and Susan Crumpler, North Central Region CBF
  • Jason Coker, CBF of Mississippi

3 thoughts on “CBF State and Regional Coordinators Respond in a Joint Statement

  1. Thank you for your stand. If you had spoken up against violence earlier this year in our country we might not be facing this issue today but that would not have been politically correct for you I am guessing.

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