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Feeling God’s Spirit

Over the next weeks and months, the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship will be sharing reflections from our CBF field personnel serving around the world. These are stories of impact and outreach, Gospel-sharing and relationship building, long-term presence and abundant love.

The following is a reflection from CBF field personnel Lita Sample, who serves among internationals in the San Francisco Bay Area alongside her husband, Rick. You can learn more about their ministries and support their work at www.cbf.net/sample.

We had the privilege of going to the wedding of one of our Afghan Christian friends who pastors a small Afghan church. 

We work with him in providing food to Afghans who are affected by COVID-19. 

We arrived at the beautiful outdoor venue in the gigantic redwoods where we all wore masks and were socially distanced. This wedding was attended not only by Afghans who did not know Jesus, but it was also Zoomed into Afghanistan where hundreds of people watched.  Because of this, the bride and groom wanted to make sure that the gospel was shared. 

Songs were sung about Christ and the gospel was presented in English and in Dari. We were glad that the gospel was heard and during the service, I was praying intently for those who would be seeing the wedding, both those present and those inside Afghanistan. 

I asked God to send the Holy Spirit to sweep through this place and to fill those who were speaking with His power. 

Just then, at that exact moment, a rushing mighty wind came so strongly through the trees that everyone stopped and looked up. It was an amazing moment. I felt that it was unquestionably God’s Spirit and I am confident that God touched people at the wedding as well as in Afghanistan.

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