Disaster Response

A Reminder from James

By Brian Varble

Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress.   James 1:27

James reminds us that we need to take care of the most vulnerable and needy. 

There are times when all of us may be considered the most vulnerable, our vulnerability may arise from natural disasters, loss of an income, social injustices, family decisions, or health issues. During any of these times, James reminds us to recognize the needs and meet them in the name of Jesus. Today, the families in Lake Charles, Louisiana are some of the most vulnerable. The community of north Lake Charles has been skipped over. There are so many needs that have not been recognized. I witnessed several basic necessities that still need to be met. There are a lot of opportunities to practice what James is encouraging.

CBF of Kentucky had an amazing experience partnering with Laconya Caesar, a member of Greater St. Mary’s Missionary Baptist Church in Lake Charles and a CBF Disaster Response Local Response Contractor. 

LaConya did a fantastic job assessing and being prepared for our group. We were able to hit the ground working.  LaConya introduced us to Sis Valeria and Sis Patricia. We were able serve the two precious ladies by replacing windows and screen door that has been broken since last July, replace roofs, replace a lot of rotted fascia and trim. We also built a storage space for a relief center in their community. We truly enjoyed building relationships with Sis Valeria and Sis Patricia, they were both very excited to have their home repaired.   

It is in our heart to serve.  We want to practice a faith that is pure and faultless.  May we continue to support, advocate, and serve the most vulnerable in our lives.  Let’s pray we are faithful to follow God’s guidance to go and serve in communities who are in need and maybe forgotten.

Brian Varble serves as Minister of Community, Calvary Baptist Church, Lexington, Ky. and as CBF of Kentucky Disaster Response Director.

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