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Support, Hope, and Home in Kentucky

CBF field personnel Scarlette Jasper

Scarlette Jasper serves as CBF field personnel in South Central, South Eastern Kentucky and in East Tennessee. Jasper was commissioned in 2014 as part of CBF’s Together for Hope Rural Poverty initiative. A large part of Jasper’s ministry focus is financial advocacy and literacy. She provides community financial education workshops and one on one budget and credit building assistance for individuals and families. She is involved in Payday Lending reform initiatives to set interest rate caps and is diligently working with affordable housing and stabilization efforts for families in need. 

Alexander is a 27-year-old man with a partner and one year old daughter. As a child, growing up in Eastern Kentucky, both of Alexander’s parents suffered from addiction. They struggled with housing and food insecurity throughout his childhood. Eventually his parents divorced. Both parents went on to have multiple marriages and Alexander was never in a stable home environment. His childhood was riddled with abuse and neglect.

As the oldest child, he cared for and tried to provide for his younger brother as best as he could. At age 16 he left home and he began too couch surf with friends and family. He worked at multiple jobs and attempted to go to college. He was unable to maintain employment or finished his education. Alexander suffers from mental health issues stemming from childhood trauma, including his father attempting to choke him.  

Scarlette became acquainted with Alexander and began building a relationship with him. At that time Alexander was experiencing homelessness in Tennessee. He moved to Kentucky and stayed with friends for a short time until a conflict caused them to kick him out. Initially, Scarlette was able to assist Alexander with emergency food and shelter.

This provided a mailing address for Alexander to use for obtaining eligible benefits and for filling out employment applications. Jasper began case management with Alexander. Through case management she was able to assist Alexander with applying for and obtaining employment. She was able to assist him with applying for health insurance.

With steady income, Alexander was eventually able to obtain housing. Through a grant from CBF Kentucky, Scarlette was able to assist Alexander with a micro-loan to purchase a car, so he had transportation to work. Part of the micro-loan program is budgeting and credit building assistance. Through this financial advocacy and education assistance, Alexander has been able to pay off his micro-loan and is on the road to building his credit.

Through case management, Alexander realized the need and benefit for counseling to help with mental health. Alexander sees a therapist regularly and is reaping the benefits of working through childhood trauma. He has been diagnosed with anxiety, depression, and PTSD. Alexander wants to develop healthy parenting and mental health management skills, so he is able provide a healthier and happier childhood for his daughter than he experienced.

Scarlette continues to support Alexander and his family as needs arise with case management and necessities.

Employment throughout the COVID-19 pandemic has not been steady, but Alexander continues to seek stable employment and provide for his family. Alexander credits Scarlette with what he feels like is a real home for the first time in his life.

Research shows that children with a stable home environment are healthier and happier. This is what Alexander has been able to provide for his daughter with the help of CBF Global Missions.

The support of the Offering for Global Missions provides the gift of long-term presence of field personnel, which ensures that field personnel like Scarlette have the time that is needed to build relationships with families and communities in order to be the presence of Christ. 

Learn more about and support Scarlette’s ministry at www.cbf.net/jasper, or give to the CBF Offering for Global Missions to support the long-term presence of Scarlette and all of CBF’s field personnel serving around the world at www.cbf.net/ogm. 100% of your gift will directly support CBF field personnel and their mission work across the globe.

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