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Beautiful Winter Wonderland…or Was It?

By Macarena Aldape

We are from South Texas and have always been in the wrong place at the wrong time.

We had never seen a snow fall. We have seen it on the ground, melting and mixed with mud, but no white winter wonderland. When it snowed in San Antonio, we were in the Rio Grande Valley. When it snowed in the Valley, we were in San Antonio. When it snowed over all Texas, we were in India. We now live in Albacete, Spain, and when it snowed in Albacete, you guessed it, we were in Texas.

This year we decided that we would drive to see snow if we had to.

It started snowing about an hour away from us, but because of COVID restrictions, we were not able to go there. What a disappointment, but the following week we had a 100-year snowfall in Albacete It snowed for about a week. We had never seen so much beautiful snow. It was picture perfect.

As we were enjoying the winter wonderland, we ran into a young man who was living in an abandoned building and our perspective changed. 

There are those that chose to live in abandoned building, others would rather save their money and send it to their families, and others that cannot afford to pay the rent because of the lack of employment. Local shelters were full, and the city was forced to open other centers. Besides the snow, the temperatures were plummeting.

We moved into action and started looking for those we knew about and made sure they had proper shelter, blankets, and a hot meal. There’s nothing like a thick hearty hot soup to warm one’s bones on a cold winter night or day.

Out of sight, out of mind, would have been a fact for us had it not been for us running into our friend. Thank God for putting him in our way and allowing us to do something. We have decided to remember this next time inclement weather comes.  

Macarena Aldape is a CBF field personnel serving alongside her husband, Eddie, in Albacete, Spain. Learn more about and support their ministry at www.cbf.net/aldape.

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