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CBF Disaster Response Update on Hurricane Ida relief efforts

Below is an update from CBF Disaster Response Director Daynette Snead on the Fellowship’s relief efforts following Hurricane Ida.

CBF Partners:

Hurricane Ida slammed into the Louisiana Coast packing 150 mph winds and leaving behind flooded neighborhoods and uprooting the lives of many. Right now, local emergency agencies are accessing damages and engaging in search and rescue. As flood waters subside, families and congregations will return to their neighborhoods and begin the long process of response and recovery.

Thank you to the many of you who have reached out and asked the critical question, how can I help?  At CBF, our disaster response network is here to guide the way. We understand this will be a marathon and we strive to coordinate our response with local officials, First Responders, CBF partners, and other Disaster Response organizations who join in these efforts. 

Here’s how you can help our efforts. 

We are in need prayer partners. Please continue pray for families begining on this road to recovery and first responders and the many communities who are healing from this disaster. 

Since 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic continues to complicate disaster response.  We are not accepting donations of items and have learned from experience that it is much more efficient and cost-effective to provide funds to local areas that allow personnel to procure supplies as needed.

Right now we ask that churches and individuals provide financial support so that funds can be used locally to respond in the most effective way to meet needs. Please consider a gift to CBF Hurricane Disaster relief fund at http://www.cbf.net/dr-give.

This week our state and regional leaders met with the CBF disaster response network and will also encourage church partners to assemble clean-up buckets and coordinate delivery to accessible locations in the gulf states regions. The buckets will contain the much needed clean up supplies that will be scarce and hard to find in local areas.

Assembly of buckets can be a church wide event that every one can participate in either with family or as a church wide event. The important thing to know is this.  Yes! You can help now. The list of items is available at http://www.CBF.net/dr

As more information becomes available, we will continue to provide updates to our CBF website and social media pages. 

Andrew Arroyo wrote this. “Jesus called us to be salt and light – salt to preserve and keep our surroundings from spoiling , ligh to  lift up a standard of righteousness.”  Thank you for that love and for your generous support and being a part of this disaster response.

As we serve together, May God continue to bless our walk for those in need.

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