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Global Poverty: The Generosity of Presence

Finally, there was a break from the pandemic which had shut down things in Spain. CBF field personnel Michelle Norman welcomed the change and the freedom to be out a bit more. Michelle’s friend, Sonya* also welcomed the freedom. Now she was able to take her daughter to the dentist. As is the case with many small children, there were multiple small cavities that had gone untreated during the shutdown. The dentist urged that they be taken care of immediately.

The pandemic had brought multiple trials to Sonya’s already struggling family. Sonya and her family were refugees from Syria. Their economic situation was already precarious before the pandemic. During the pandemic, Sonya’s husband lost his employment. They did not have the financial resources needed to take care of the dental issues. Their little girl would need to wait.

Waiting turned into months as Sonya’s husband continued to search for employment. They rejoiced when eventually, he was able to find regular employment early in 2021. However, they could not see a solution to the months of back rent and the stack of unpaid bills. The dental issues left untreated had turned in a serious health problem for their little girl. 

Sonya approached her friend Michelle for help. 

CBF field personnel Matt and Michelle Norman minister among immigrants and refugees in Spain, providing hope, resources and friendship.

Eleven percent of the world live in poverty. Many more live on the edge of poverty. Refugees who have left behind their homes, employment and resources are particularly vulnerable to a cycle of poverty.

Grateful for the generosity of CBF partners and churches, Michelle was able to help Sonya’s little girl receive the much-needed dental care. Moreover, this generosity enabled Michelle to also help with acquiring much-needed glasses so Sonya’s little girl could see better. Because she was present, Michelle was able to help a little one experience better health and quality of live. Because presence matters. 

“And the king will answer them, Truly I tell you, just as you did it to one of the least of these who are members of my family, you did it to me.” (Matthew 25: 40, NRSV).

*Name changed for privacy

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