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Bearing Witness to Jesus Christ: Establishing Friendships

A field personnel in Asia has spent the last two decades helping to translate scripture into a local language. This work has borne fruit as the Bible in a local dialect is now available. This is wonderful, but equally thrilling is the opportunity to share faith with those who have become friends and a surrogate family. 

This field personnel had come together to share hospitality and a meal with one of their students and his wife. They were somewhat remote in a small border town. The fellowship was sweet and welcomed. It was three days before Good Friday.

At the start of the meal, the wife asked the global missions field personnel if he were a Christian. He answered in the affirmative. She responded, “I love movies about Jesus.” She talked about Jesus’ kindness and the goodness of His teaching. 

Then she added, “But I never watch Jesus movies until the end. I always stop before they crucify Him because that is just so sad.” With joy, the field personnel had the privilege of describing to her and her husband what happened after the crucifixion. He recounted that not only did Jesus come back to life, but He was seen by his close friends and more than 500 others. He shared that in just a few days, Christians worldwide would be celebrating Jesus’ resurrection. “In His death, Christ took on Himself all the sin and bad karma of humanity. In his resurrection, Jesus imparts to us His grace and all sufficient merit,” he explained. 

He departed the home of his friends with the promise that he would send a link to the Jesus Film and encouraged her to watch the rest of the story.

Because field personnel had been present over a long period of time, establishing friendships, an opportunity was presented to bear witness to Jesus Christ. Because presence matters!

“Go into all the world and proclaim the good news to the whole creation.” (Mark 16:15)

Join Cooperative Baptists around the world this week during the Offering for Global Missions Week of Prayer. Learn more and find resources to pray throughout the week at www.cbf.net/ogmpray

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