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Honoring Susan and Jim Crumpler

The North Central Cooperative Baptist Fellowship recently voted to merge with CBF Heartland. Below is a tribute to Susan and Jim Crumpler, who have served as co-coordinators of North Central CBF for the past seven years. The new region serves Christians, churches and ministry partners across the central United States, including Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota and Wisconsin. 

Susan and Jim Crumpler

By Nikki Stoddard Schofield 

Martin Buber tells the story of Rabbi Pinhas who, hearing of the great misery among the needy, listened, sunk in grief, and then raised his head and said, “Let us draw God into the world and all need will be quenched.” God’s grace consists precisely in this: that he wants to let himself be won by humanity, that he places himself into human hands. God wants to come to his world but he wants to come to it through men and women. This is the mystery of our existence, the superhuman chance of humankind. 

God came into his world through the hands of Susan and Jim Crumpler. They have met the needs of CBF people by their work for seven years as Co-coordinators of North Central Cooperative Baptist Fellowship. Susan and Jim have attended meetings, written and edited newsletters, overseen the finances, and met the needs of field personnel who have ties to NC CBF. Jim and Susan are the first couple to serve in this capacity. 

The North Central Region of CBF, being a pioneer area, lost churches during this transitional time, but Susan and Jim were faithful to keep in touch with chaplains, field personnel, and pastors. Jim used his skills as a teacher in communicating with those people connected to CBF, while Susan, an engineer at Proctor & Gamble, put her organizational know-how to good use in this work.

Those of us who worked with Susan and Jim are grateful for their leadership during these past seven years. We are sorry to see them depart from the Co-coordinators position, but understand the time for change. We wish them the best as they continue in new avenues of service for the Lord.   

Nikki Stoddard Schofield is a member of Speedway Baptist Church in Indianapolis, Indiana.  

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