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It’s My Joy

By Nell Green

Whenever anyone thanks me for doing something I respond with “It’s my joy!” For the longest time, my children would mimic me in a funny way. Now guess what they say when someone thanks them. That’s right! “It’s my joy.” They agree saying, “it’s my joy” indicates a deeper sentiment when extending favor towards someone.

Nell Green

We are entering a time of year when the word joy is used more often. We see the word on pillow covers, on blocks on a mantel, on coffee mugs, etc. Though right in front of us to remind us, I am not sure we pay enough attention to the word. To be joy-full is to be favorably disposed towards something or someone. To have joy is to experience great pleasure, deep happiness, or delight. 

In Luke 10, we read of the overflowing joy Jesus experienced when the seventy-two disciples returned after being commissioned and sent out to bear witness. Jesus said his Father was also brought happiness as a result of their work. We read of Paul’s expressions of joy in his relationships with the churches where he taught and discipled. The Psalms describe joy in the relationship of humanity to the creator. In Romans we learn God’s kingdom is all about joy, peace, and righteousness (Romans 14:17).

This year’s resources for the Offering for Global Missions focus on people and places introduced before in previous years. Where are they now? How are they doing? Throughout the videos and stories there is joy! Joy in the relationship. Joy in God’s working. Joy in seeing glimpses of God’s kingdom. Joy in serving. “It’s my joy” reverberates as field personnel and their friends share about the importance of long-term presence and relationship. 

When you give to the Offering for Global Missions, you share in this joy! Partnering with field personnel through the offering makes their presence and building of joy-full relationships possible. 

This is a season of joy. A season of gratitude. A season of celebration. As we express our gratitude to God for providing all the resources needed to fund the long-term presence of CBF field personnel, I can sense God saying, “It’s my joy!” Because presence matters.

Nell Green is a former CBF field personnel and serves as the Offering for Global Missions Advocate on the CBF staff.

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