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Where Is the Holy Spirit Leading You?

by Nell Green

Where would we go? What would we do? Our time in Africa had come to an end and yet we knew that God was not saying our time in ministry was over. We contacted the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship. It did not take long to know that the Holy Spirit was leading us to serve with CBF in Miami, Florida. In 1994, the idea for Touching Miami with Love Ministries (TML) was birthed.

Nell Green

Our leadership was followed by that of Larry and Laquita Wynn. Under their direction, Touching Miami with Love became a non-profit organization. Steven Porter followed and later Jason and Angel Pitman. During their leadership, TML became a stand-alone ministry. TML now has 27 years of presence in Miami. 

In recent weeks, I learned of one of the young people who participated in the ministry of TML in those earlier years. A girl needed community. TML provided beloved community and opportunities for transformation. As she grew, she began working with the children at TML. Angel knew she was a natural and encouraged her to apply to Student.go. The young woman served multiple summers while completing her education at Florida International University. Eventually she became a member of the staff at TML, serving as spiritual director and youth staff. She met her husband at TML and married there! Their children now call Jason and Angel “uncle” and “aunt.” 

This is long-term presence. This is cultivating beloved community. This is bearing witness to Jesus Christ. This is transformational development. This is the work of your CBF field personnel. This is the work of CBF Global Missions. 

We invite you to explore these commitments and the global contexts of CBF Global Missions Distinctives. An updated and revised adult six-week Bible study is available for individual and group study. There is also a newly-written  study for youth and children. Videos highlighting the work of CBF Global Missions are available to supplement the study. Consider inviting someone from CBF speaker’s bureau or a CBF field personnel to facilitate your six-week study. 

Cultivating beloved community. Bearing witness to Jesus Christ. Seeking transformational development. Working within the contexts of global poverty, global migration and the global church. Because presence matters. Where is the Holy Spirit leading you?

Give to the Offering for Global Missions and help sustain the long-term presence of CBF field personnel.

Nell Green is a Cooperative Baptist Fellowship field personnel and advocate for the Offering for Global Missions.

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