offering for global missions

Presence: It Does Indeed Matter!

By Sam Harrell

I’m sure you’re now fully aware of our new tagline for the Offering for Global Missions: “Because presence matters.”

Sam Harrell

It surely does!  And it means more than just field personnel located in the same place for a long time.  While substantial tenure is important for many reasons – language and culture acquisition, relationship building, accompaniment, local competency, etc. – equally important is the potential for growing impact when field personnel-initiated ministries hit their full stride and are seen as stable and sustainable with increasing local leadership.

This reality has led several of our field personnel to begin stand-alone ministries in the form of non-profit organizations that serve to enhance structural capacity, expand the ministry support base and develop a more specialized focus and competency as determined by contextual realities.  In a number of cases, these organizations continue to grow and thrive long after field personnel have transitioned from the scene.  

Yes! Presence matters!  Your support and encouragement through the Offering for Global Missions, the field personnel’s catalytic and nurturing presence through substantial field service and the faithful long-term engagement presence of local believers and partners for enduring impact and sustainability—it all matters!

Give to the Offering for Global Missions and help sustain the long-term presence of CBF field personnel.

Sam Harrell serves as Associate Coordinator of Global Missions for the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship.

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