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Ukraine Response: Moldova pastor helps meet needs of Roma families

Mary van Rheenen, who serves as a Cooperative Baptist Fellowship field personnel in The Netherlands alongside her husband Keith Holmes, has strong partnerships with Christians in Moldova, which borders Ukraine. Below is a recent update from their blog CBF Romany Ministries:

From Pastor Petru Ciochina in Moldova:

 Forty-four Roma were accommodated in the church building in Nisporeni, but they went to another
destination (Germany). Yesterday I visited the center in Nisporeni organized by the local authorities. There are 80 refugees, but they didn’t have cups for them, plates. I took something for them. There are 40 children. I talked to a refugee teacher. She said she wanted to do activities with the children. I brought notebooks and crayons. I found out that there are two Roma women with children. Now I want to visit them to see their needs. Tomorrow I plan to go to the south of Moldova on the border with Ukraine, there are many refugees. We’ll give them hot food and tea. There are many waiting for accommodation, it is cold and humid. I think I’m going to take cold medicine.

Thank you for your support. There is no one in the church building now. We are waiting for other refugees tonight or tomorrow. We are on the list of churches that receive refugees. We are waiting. Today I went to the Roma family. I didn’t know there were so many children. 6 small children. I made a to-do list. I’ll go shopping tomorrow. They have nothing.

Please give generously to the CBF Ukraine Relief Fund at

Read the latest update report from CBF field personnel providing ministry to Ukrainians at

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