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CBF Disaster Response encourages giving to Hurricane Fiona relief

By Daynette Snead Perez, CBF Domestic Disaster Response Manager

Hurricane Fiona is ongoing and continues to devastate Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic with torrential rains, flooding, power outages, and high-velocity winds.

CBF Executive Coordinator Paul Baxley urged Cooperative Baptists to “join in prayer for all those in the wake of Hurricane Fiona, particularly our partner congregations in Puerto Rico.”

“Five years ago, Hurricane Maria devastated that island, and now another storm has struck,” Baxley said. He urgent Cooperative Baptists to “prayerfully consider giving so that we can offer needed relief in the days ahead.”

Tammy Synder, who serves as executive coordinator of CBF Florida and Caribbean Islands, also offered prayers and a commitment to provide assistance.

“Our prayers for our Familia are for comfort and healing as they access their losses and begin to pull their communities, homes and lives back together,” Snyder said. “May God sustain them through this present disaster and throughout the restoration and rebuilding. CBF Florida and Caribbean Islands commit to being present for you in every way.”

Xiomara Reboyras, a CBF pastor, also provided an update.

“Our Comunidad Cristiana Nuevo Pacto in DeLand works and supports a Missionary house and pre-school in Sabana de la Mar in the Dominican Republic (Hogar Arcoiris). They are under Hurricane Fiona since last night. We have one bathroom and three rooms that are bedrooms and classrooms as needed. Since last night we have been receiving families from the community seeking shelter from the hurricane.

At 5 am, we already had 20 people, including children. We have pregnant women and elderly people. The winds and rain are stronger than in Puerto Rico because it landed as a category 2. The house was not ready for this many people, but we will do all we can to ensure people are safe. This community lives in shacks.

This morning they were served spaghetti for breakfast because it was a long night. In our congregation, we have already started the conversation to help in any possible way, but I know we will need help from our bigger family. Please keep Sabana de la Mar and Hogar Arcoiris in your prayers. They have a long day ahead before recovery starts.”

As we continue to monitor the effects of this storm, this is an urgent appeal to join our disaster response efforts with a donation to CBF Disaster Response Hurricane Relief.

Please give to CBF Disaster Response Hurricane Relief here.

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