Missions / offering for global missions


By Nell Green

Norma lived very simply in a one-bedroom apartment in Ohio. We were in France for language study having just arrived on the field when the first letter from Norma came. I do not know how she got our names, what prompted her to write, or if she was searching for a long-term relationship. Norma remained our faithful prayer partner until her death.

Norma wrote regularly, at least once a month. She never missed a birthday in the family or our wedding anniversary. She kept up with where the kids were in school and recounted the ways she prayed for us. Occasionally I was able to send her pictures. She LOVED that because she said it helped her pray with more insight.

One-year dear friends were visiting. I shared with them what a great blessing Norma’s prayer ministry was to us. My friend who loves to take pictures put together a scrap book of their travels to see us. She made a duplicate and sent it to Norma. I would be hard pressed to express just how exciting that scrapbook was to Norma. Looking through the scrapbook helped her feel as if she were there with us. As she perused the pages, she would pray for us with joy, vision, and understanding.

Our Fellowship loves to pray for our field personnel in the same way. I know this because you tell me, because you anxiously await release of “Prayers of the People”, and because you read the “Prayer Associates”. You too send cards, letters, and reminders to our field personnel of your prayers.

This week is a very special opportunity to pray in unity as a Fellowship for the work of our field personnel around the globe and the offering that sustains their long-term presence. This is the Week of Prayer for the Offering for Global Missions.

Resources online are available to help you pray with joy, vision, and understanding.  Videos regarding the work of our field personnel, prayer points, and worship resources serve as a “scrapbook” to guide you as you ask God to provide the financial resources needed to sustain the long-term presence of our field personnel.

When Norma passed away, I received a letter from her daughter telling us how her mother loved corresponding with us. She told me that Norma faithfully prayed every day for us. We never met Norma in person and those were the days before video calls. But I still have a picture of this faithful prayer warrior. Thank you for praying for field personnel and for The Offering for Global Missions.

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