Praying With Creation

By Scarlette Jasper

My prayer life has evolved and changed over the years. I have a daily devotional and Bible study time that ends in prayer. I have an ongoing conversation with God. I am so thankful that God does not tire of hearing from me! Communing with nature has become a large part of my prayer life. 

The following prayer reminds me to stop and see creation as I walk, not just rush past it. I take time to look at the flowers, the tiny pinecones, wild mushrooms and flora growing. I now see the occasional wild turkey, various birds, insects and butterflies. The earth reminds me of the stability and magnitude of God. I can feel the presence of God in the sounds of nature. This is new for me. Experiencing nature through hiking and camping brings me closer to God in a way I had not experienced in my younger years. With age comes maturity and the realization of time. It is time to slow down and be still in the presence of God and listen. 

Earth, teach me stillness

 As the grasses are stilled with light. 

Earth, teach me suffering 

As old stones suffer with memory.

 Earth, teach me humility

Scarlette Jasper

 As blossoms are humble with beginning. 

Earth, teach me caring 

As the mother who secures her young.

 Earth, teach me courage 

As the tree which stands alone.

 A Native American Prayer (this can be found at

Pray, Practice, Ponder: Praying with Creation Take a step outside. Notice the sounds; what do you hear? Feel the air; is it warm or cool? Find a comfortable place to sit, and allow God’s creation all around you to draw you into prayer. Maybe it is a prayer of thanksgiving, of supplication, of lament. You may wish to close your time with the Native American prayer above.

Scarlette Jasper is a CBF Field Personnel in Somerset, Ky.

This prayer appears in the 2022-2023 edition of Prayers of the People, the annual prayer guide of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, edited by Rev. Meg Lacy Vega. Download the digital version or order free print copies of Prayers of the People at

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