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CBF Action Advocacy Alert-Lame Duck Session 2022

By John Mark Boes

As the Midterm Elections have come to a close, we find ourselves at a unique time to amplify the voices of those who are not being heard. This is a critical time to seek justice and to illustrate the love we have for our neighbors. Now is the time to make our voices heard for important issues that can aid our neighbors. As the Lame Duck session continues before the new Congress arrives, CBF Advocacy wants to inform you about a few legislative opportunities. These opportunities offer a chance to improve lives and to collaborate with God as we work to renew a broken world.  

Expand the Child Tax Credit: 

Expanding the Child Tax Credit is a proven method to reduce child poverty and improve economic mobility. The temporary Child Tax Credit expansion included in the American Rescue Plan Act benefited millions of families and reduced the child poverty rate to a record low of 5.2%. That is the largest year-to-year drop on record. The Circle of Protection recently released a letter calling on Congress and President Biden to expand the Child Tax Credit. Read the letter here. Contact your member of Congress asking for their support in permanently expanding the Child Tax Credit.  

Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy: 

The U.S. House of Representatives has already passed legislation addressing a pathway to citizenship for Dreamers, ensuring a reliable number of legal, screened agricultural workers, and to strengthen border security. To find out more about the Farm Workforce Modernization Act, click here. To find out more about the American Promise and Dream Act of 2021, click here. The Lame Duck session offers the opportunity to urge your Senator to take up and pass this legislation. You can use this tool to do that. 

Now is also the time to urge your Congress people to allow Afghans to pursue permanent legal status in the United States. Over 700,000 Afghans have been evacuated to the U.S. Recently, the Biden Administration announced Temporary Protected Status for Afghans already in the U.S. However, Temporary Protected Status is just temporary. For more information and to contact your member of Congress, click here.  

We think this Lame Duck session can be vital to protecting those in poverty, immigrants and refugees. We must take this seriously as we work to love our neighbor as ourselves. Now is the time to raise our voice for positive change. Join us as we advocate for them. 

One thought on “CBF Action Advocacy Alert-Lame Duck Session 2022

  1. Does any serious person really believe that the Biden administration wants to increase border security?

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