CBF Field Personnel / Prayers


By Rev. Kim and Marc Wyatt

God of the universe, of each one of us, show us Your way. God who sees EVERYONE traversing the refugee highway, help me to see the sojourner too, because they are precious in your sight. 

EVERYONE is seen by you. 

Those seen on TV and those still languishing from wars that long ago disappeared from the news. 

Those who for generations have been stateless, who have such a small voice that no one hears. Those who are in-between, whom no one sees, the invisible that arrive in our communities. 

Oh God who sees everyone, praise be your name. 

You do not forget the suffering of the world’s invisible. You see everything.

Rev. Kim and Marc Wyatt

Forgive us, Lord, for only noticing the anguish of our brothers and sisters when their trials are screamed at us through media outlets. Forgive us when we withhold welcome to those who have been waiting years and sometimes generations, because they do not look like us. 

Give us eyes that see like you see. Create in us a desire to see so that we might open our hearts and our homes to those in-between, to the dear ones that you love so much. In so doing, may our prayer to see the Kingdom of God on earth, as it is in heaven, be answered. Thanks be to God.

Rev. Kim & Marc Wyatt are CBF field personnel serving in the Research Triangle, NC.

This prayer appears in the 2022-2023 edition of Prayers of the People, the annual prayer guide of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, edited by Rev. Meg Lacy Vega. Download the digital version or order free print copies of Prayers of the People at www.cbf.net/pray.

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