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An All-In Ministry Partner

By Steve Clark, Cooperative Baptist Foundation field personnel

Walking to the car after the third day of opening Hope Rising Ministry Center, I saw a Chin church member (probably a church leader and seminary student) pull into the parking lot of the parsonage beside the church. He got out of his car and waved to me and Annette as we were loading our laptops into the car to go home. 

The Chin Church in Lousiville, Ky.

As he walked across the parking lot towards us with a big smile, my mind was churning, trying to remember the Falam name that went with his face; but time was not on my side. He had a quick stride

He reached out his hand and took mine with a fast-pumping shake and told us how good it was to see us again.  Annette and I exchanged pleasantries and thanked him for the Louisville Chin Church embracing our ministry and giving us space to help people from Burma who are in need.

He turned his head a little with a smile, and told us to come anytime we need a place to work. The church gave us a combination to the door so we could use God’s house at any hour. The home church was happy to have the building used during the week and not sitting empty. We were always welcome and he was available if we needed anything when we were there. 

I felt bad that I couldn’t remember his name. I should have remembered. He knew us by name, and he knew the work God was giving us to do with the people from Burma. He knew the Louisville Chin Church was an all-in partner with us and was happy to be part of it.

Steve and his wife, Annette Ellard, are Cooperative Baptist Fellowship field personnel in Louisville, Ky. To learn more about their ministry, visit cbf.net 

The Offering for Global Missions provides for the long-term presence of field personnel like Brooke and Mike. The theme for this year’s Offering is “A Place at the Table for Everyone.” In Luke 14, Jesus teaches us to invite those least expecting and, in society’s view, perhaps least deserving of invitation. CBF field personnel serving in countries around the world invite and are invited to the table as they cultivate beloved community, bear witness to Jesus Christ, and seek transformational development. 

Learn more about the Offering for Global Missions and access free digital and print resources at www.cbf.net/ogm.

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