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Two or Three Are Gathered

The leadership retreat turned worship celebration for two days in Lebanon, where more than 40 were gathered.

By Chaouki Boulos, Cooperative Baptist Fellowship field personnel

“For where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there among them” Matthew18:20 (NRSV)

The last leadership training retreat was unlike the previous retreats. It started on Friday afternoon. That Friday night, as well as on Saturday night, a number of the people stayed behind at the chapel and prayed till five a.m. 

During these two nights, we experienced many great things. The focus of the prayer was on unanswered prayers. We started to pray with 40 people. As the prayers were lifted up to the Lord, we could feel God’s presence among us. Many people started opening up and praying with tears. Some people renewed their trust in the Lord and committed to obey Him. Others shared personal matters and asked the group to pray for them. 

The first of two baptisms that concluded the retreat Sunday afternoon.

The retreat ended on Sunday afternoon with two women getting baptized. We praise the Lord for the time we had at this retreat.

Chaouki and Maha Boulos are CBF field personnel who serve in Lebanon and the Middle East. The Boulos work with refugee families to distribute food, offer free healthcare and plant churches with financial support. Through conferences, seminars and retreats, the Boulos ensure that pastors and Christians continue to grow in God’s calling. Learn more about their ministry at cbf.net/boulos

The Offering for Global Missions provides for the long-term presence of field personnel like Brooke and Mike. The theme for this year’s Offering is “A Place at the Table for Everyone.” In Luke 14, Jesus teaches us to invite those least expecting and, in society’s view, perhaps least deserving of invitation. CBF field personnel serving in countries around the world invite and are invited to the table as they cultivate beloved community, bear witness to Jesus Christ, and seek transformational development. 

Learn more about the Offering for GlobalMissions and access free digital and print resources at www.cbf.net/ogm.

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