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Prayers for Ukraine from Global Missions

To recognize the one-year anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, we invite you to reflect on the prayers from CBF Global Missions leaders and join in lifting up those affected by the war.

It Is Not Over

By Laura Ayala

A year has passed, but devastation in Ukraine is not over. Death and destruction in Ukraine is not over. Uncertainties of war for soldiers are not over. The pain and despair of women and children whose husbands’ and fathers’ location is unknown, it is not over. Would they hug each other again? 

We pray for Ukrainian children and families.

We pray for Baptists churches across Europe that have been hands and feet of Christ providing shelter, clothing, food, support and guidance.

We pray for our field personnel.

We thank God for CBF congregations and partners. Your financial and spiritual support have given hope in the midst of crisis and chaos to thousands. We cannot stop praying.

We cannot stop giving… It is not over.

Rev. Laura Ayala serves as the CBF Coordinator of Global Missions. Rev. Ayala oversees CBF Global Mission, Chaplaincy and Pastoral Counseling Ministries, and Disaster Response

A Prayer: After One Year of Conflict in Ukraine

By Nell Green

It has been one year.

Is there hope, God?

What was bright with color is dark and gray. When will color brighten the landscape, God?

What was once tall and majestic or quaint and cozy is now rubble. Will there be a place to call home, God?

People are running and scattered. Will they be gathered in reunion soon, God?

Farmlands are trenches. Will there be yet a festive bountiful harvest, God?

Mothers, fathers, wives, husbands, children are crying. Will they experience more loss, God? Will laughter be heard again?

Neighbors are at war. Is peace possible, God?

In you alone, Lord God is hope.

To you we lift our voices in prayer and praise.

Clothe each of us in a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair.

You are all things light, not dark. You do not come to steal, kill and destroy. You came that all might have life and have it more abundantly.

Today God, be our home. Be home to all those who are displaced because of this conflict. Gather your children together under your wing providing them with shelter and safety.

Restore beauty instead of ashes and rubble. Dry every tear.

Anoint with the oil of joy instead of mourning.

Bring peace, O Prince of Peace. 


Nell Green serves as the CBF Offering for Global Missions Advocate. Nell advocates for the Offering for Global Missions providing resources to churches, individuals, and organizations for their time of emphasis for the offering, promoting and raising awareness of the Offering for Global Missions ensuring the long-term presence of CBF field personnel around the world.

Let Us Pray

By Ellen Sechrest

God of all,

As we stand on the one-year anniversary of the war in Ukraine, we remain heartbroken. We pray for our sisters and brothers who are continuing to live through this horrible situation. We pray…

For families that have lost children, brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, nephews, nieces and friends.

For the thousands of children who are sheltered in bunkers and subway stations with no place to play or to learn.

For teachers who are trying to create a safe space for students, so they have some sense of normalcy.

For parents who have been called to the line to fight for their country and must leave their family.

For the thousands of orphans that are sleeping under beds, so shrapnel doesn’t hit them.

For the millions who are now homeless.

For the elderly that are left alone and beg for food.

For those that fled Ukraine and are separated from family.

For those suffering from post-traumatic stress and depression.

Finally, for the leaders of the nations.

As we journey toward the cross, may the world find hope…

May the comfort of the Holy Spirit fill our souls.

May the hearts of the world soften to lend a helping hand.

May the Ukrainians know we are praying for them and alongside them that the God of peace reigns forevermore.

In the name of the Creator and Sustainer of us all, Amen.

Ellen Sechrest as the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship Director of Global Missions Church and Engagement. Ellen helps CBF congregations develop deeper connections to the Fellowship and our field personnel through missions, partnerships and engagement.


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