Defining Health after a Global Pandemic
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Defining Health after a Global Pandemic

by Christopher West In the world of Covid-19, health has become a major topic of discussion and debate within our congregations. It seems that everywhere one goes today, people are discussing public health, health insurance reform, epidemiology, public policy in wake of the coronavirus, and the diminishing health of the American public. The thing missing … Continue reading

Reopening? The Church was never closed
bold faith / COVID-19 / Paul Baxley

Reopening? The Church was never closed

By Paul Baxley Recently, several governors in the southeastern United States announced plans to “reopen” their states for business. There has been vigorous debate about whether or not these decisions to reopen conform to the standards announced earlier by the Centers for Disease Control and the federal government. These announcements have been decried as reckless … Continue reading

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Baptist church includes dancing in worship on Easter Sunday

The following post comes from Jonathan Davis of Wildewood Baptist Church in Spring, Texas. Houston’s Ad Deum Dance Company performed in Easter worship services, depicting Christ’s death, burial and resurrection through the art of dance Wildewood Baptist Church danced on Easter.  On Easter Sunday, the church celebrated through the arts and Ad Deum, one of … Continue reading

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Austin congregation raises funds to build seven wells in Ethiopia

The following post comes from CBF partner church, First Baptist Church in Austin, Texas. AUSTIN, TEXAS– This past Advent season, the congregation of First Baptist Church of Austin challenged themselves to “spend less, in order to give more.”  In the generous spirit of a community that serves in love and compassion, First Austin members participated … Continue reading