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I have decided

The following post comes from one of CBF’s field personnel, Michelle Norman. Michelle and her husband, Matt, were appointed CBF field personnel in 2011.  They are currently waiting for proper paperwork to move to their field of service, Barcelona, Spain. Click here to support and  learn more about the Norman’s ministry. “I have decided to follow Jesus, … Continue reading

General CBF / Missions

A book review:Faiths in conflict?: Christian integrity in a multicultural world

Ramachandra, Vinoth. 1999. Faiths in conflict?: Christian integrity in a multicultural world. Downers Grove, Ill: InterVarsity Press. Dr. Vinoth Ramachandra, Secretary for Dialogue and Social Engagement (Asia) for International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES), lives in Sri Lanka.  Dr Ramachandra holds bachelors and doctoral degrees in nuclear engineering from the University of London.  In 1980, … Continue reading

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Psalms of Lament

I recently found myself reading an article by Walter Brueggemann, The Costly Loss of Lament.  The article is compelling.  Brueggeman points out that our modern church, in turning away from laments, has experienced a loss of genuine covenant interaction(:62).  This seems to hit home in the reality of the faith tradition I have grown up in.  This loss, leads to … Continue reading


Living Your Faith

I have a friend who is a pastor, and the other day we were talking about this missional church thing.  He said something that confirmed some thoughts that I have had for a while.  He said that it used to be that the thing that unified a church was the worship service, and, in his … Continue reading