Haitian man receives ‘gift from God’ amid pain and paradise
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Haitian man receives ‘gift from God’ amid pain and paradise

 By Blake Tommey At the time Minos Saint Amand met Cooperative Baptist Fellowship field personnel Jenny Jenkins, he was living on a dirt floor under poorly woven cloth supported by a few sturdy branches. Even so, he welcomed her to his plot in Petit Paradis, Haiti, with a radiant smile and began to recount his … Continue reading

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Dueling Disasters-Haiti vs. Chile

The title of this blog post may seem flippant. That is not my intent. In our fast paced, media driven society we are oftentimes ruled by our computers and TVs, whatever catches and holds our attention, captures our hearts and wallets. Unfortunately, as soon as another breaking story occurs our attention spans break with it. The recent plague … Continue reading

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A church’s compelling vision for Haiti

The following story is from Charles Ray, CBF National Disaster Response Coordinator and CBF Arkansas’ Special Projects Coordinator. A few years ago I introduced Walt Barfield to Millard Fuller.  Since then Walt Walt Barfield, pastor of Cornerstone Church has stayed in touch with the Fuller Center.  I didn’t know that.  Walt is the pastor of … Continue reading