“Have you Eaten?”: Reflections on the “Bread for the World” Advocacy Summit
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“Have you Eaten?”: Reflections on the “Bread for the World” Advocacy Summit

By David Deulofeu-Antunez When we think of poverty and hunger, what images come to mind? For many years, this question evoked images of absolute poverty and starvation. It reminded me of images of global south countries, like Haïti after the 2010 earthquake, or of my own native Cuba during the period especial, a euphemism the … Continue reading

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Micro Enterprise Development: Stability Matters

Economic stability matters.  Tell me your favorite global issue and I bet economic stability for families is a fundamental part of the solution.  Are you passionate about global health?  Families with economic stability see the doctor.  Perhaps your heart is devoted to stopping hunger.  Families with economic stability eat.  Education?  Economically stable families send their … Continue reading


How To Be a Sheep

You’ve seen it at your local grocery store.  Putting milk in your cereal is weighing a little more heavily on your pocketbook these days, and eggs for your morning omelete are beginning to feel like luxury items.  So it makes you wonder – if I am noticing these subtle but significant food price increases, how are they affecting … Continue reading