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Micro Enterprise Development: Stability Matters

Economic stability matters.  Tell me your favorite global issue and I bet economic stability for families is a fundamental part of the solution.  Are you passionate about global health?  Families with economic stability see the doctor.  Perhaps your heart is devoted to stopping hunger.  Families with economic stability eat.  Education?  Economically stable families send their children to school.  Would you like to stop sex trafficking?  Economically stable families don’t sell their daughters.

When Colleen Burroughs stood on the floor of CBF’s General Assembly in 2007 and asked why CBF wasn’t yet working in support of the Millennium Development Goals, things changed.  Our focus shifted and events were set in motion for CBF, CBF Foundation, and foundation clients to invest in microcredit – small loans to entrepreneurs in poor parts of the world.  Microcredit and accompanying services offer the most powerful opportunities for people to break the cycle of persistent poverty.

At that same General Assembly Daniel Vestal challenged the CBF Foundation board to provide CBF with leadership by example.  Global poverty had been a prominent theme at more than one General Assembly by then and Vestal declared that CBF had talked enough and that it was time to take action.  He asked the Foundation to show CBF what it might look like if we “put our money where our mouth is on global poverty by investing in things like micro enterprise development.”

Possibilities are created when people speak up.  Colleen spoke up.  Daniel spoke up.  CBF Foundation responded.  Micro enterprise development creates possibilities for families to have economic stability.  CBF Foundation created the possibility for its clients and donors to invest their endowment dollars so that the principal does as much good as the endowment proceeds.

Get in touch with the staff at CBF Foundation to see how you and your church can put your money where your mouth is on global poverty.

Speak up!

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