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Rivers of Time

This morning, here in the CBF offices in Atlanta, we had brunch to say good-by to two of our beloved colleagues who, for very different reasons, are moving on to the next phase of their respective lives. Both will be greatly missed within our Resource Center family. They have blessed us with their presence.

In my 20-year tenure as a CBF employee, I have seen so many people come and go and I have been to numerous farewell parties like the one this morning. It has caused me to reflect on these kinds of events in all our lives. It’s like stepping into a huge river of time and moving along with the current. For a portion of that time, we share the company of others along the way until they (or we) for whatever reasons (death, change of career, entering new relationships, etc.) — reasons chosen or thrust upon us — step back out of the river. I often wonder about those who share portions of our journey as we move along the river. Is it merely happenstance and coincidence? Or, are our “traveling companions” often part of a bigger plan for our lives?

As I reflect on 20 years of life in CBF — both as an employee and as a passionate and deliberate participant, I marvel at the wonderful relationships that have been and are mine as a part of the Fellowship. They are people who have made my life so much richer and fuller simply by virtue of having stepped into the same river at the same time as I. I cannot imagine the journey without these who have been and are gracegifts to me!

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