Revolutionary Parenting

I just finished George Barna’s new book titled, Revolutionary Parenting. While you may not like Barna or his research outcomes, he does have some pretty good statistics regarding parents and parenting that you may want to take a look at.This book came as an outgrowth of a previous work (Transforming Children into Spiritual Champions) he did on Children’s Ministry, which was quite good. In it, he reminisced of how we used to say “if you’re going to reach someone, you need to do it by the time they are 18, because statistically kids become much harder to reach after they turn 18.” He says that the age 18 has now been lowered to 13, because most kids have their lifelong world view in place by the time they turn 13. Which is a pretty scary thought! He goes on to say that we need to spend all of our money on children’s ministry, not youth ministry, because by the time they are teenagers, they are set.

Anyway, if you’re looking for a good book on parenting that is based on research that covers thousands of samples vs. what one family did to raise kids, spend the $15 and get the book by Barna. And if you haven’t read his book on children’s ministry, get that one while you’re at it.

Dr. Tim Deatrick
Senior Pastor, Ashworth Road Baptist Church
Coordinator, CBF Midwest Region

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