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heading to New York soon

The team is finishing up their time in Uganda this evening and preparing to head to New York tomorrow.  They are all excited about hot showers and eating salad (eating raw veggies where they have been is not recommended for foreigners).  They have had no internet access in Uganda – so will again be posting all of the blogs at once – watch Tuesday to be completely updated on the Uganda experience!  They have learned a lot about internally displaced people, the ravages of war, and what it looks like when no one is helping in a desperate situation.  And with the learning – of course – there are a lot of feelings and responses of the spirit to process…  Continue to pray for the team – as they have seen, felt and experienced so much – and are full to the brim with questions.

The New York schedule has a lot of time built in for rest and rejuvenation – they are ready for it!  And to do laundry somewhere other than their sink!  We pray this will be a week of Sabbath for each of them.

God is at work – thank you for your participation in this amazing journey.


2 thoughts on “heading to New York soon

  1. Thanks, Amy, for the update. I’m sure they have seen so much and have so many emotions going on inside. I hope this week can be a time to rest and reflect on all that they have experienced to this point. I’m looking forward to hearing Mary Beth’s voice!

    Karen (Mary Beth’s mom)

  2. I have enjoyed reading about the trip. I look forward to hearing what has been learned and how it can direct our future ministries as a Fellowship.
    Blessings and peace to all!

    Jack Glasgow

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