Endorsement Process a Holy Task

The CBF Council on Endorsement of Chaplains and Pastoral Counselors convenes this weekend at the CBF offices in Atlanta.  In preparation for this each member of the council has received a copy of the applications submitted by applicants to review.  Each time I read these biographies I am struck by the vulnerability of the sharings about the journey that each candidate has been making.  It is amazing sometimes to read of tragedy and a blessing to see how God has moved in mighty ways to accomplish healing.  All in all, I realize that it is a holy task to be invited to share in these candidates lives. 

As the council meets this weekend, we will conduct business of scheduling and looking at possible changes to our process that are necessary, but the bulk of our time will be spent reviewing applications.  I am pleased that this task is always done with confidential and prayerful consideration that respects the holiness of the sharing and blessing of the life represented.  Our job is not to evaluate the person’s process, but review the process.  We do not approve people to function in their Pastoral Care positions, but affirm their identity with CBF.  It is a holy task to read the life stories of the applicants and task that is given appropriate reverance.  Each time our group meets, I come away feeling blessed by our fellowship and blessed by the stories that we have the opportunity to share.  Please pray for us this weekend as meet for this holy task and pray for those who are serving in these specialized minsitry settings around the world.

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