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Aren’t We Beautiful? July 15 by Nina

We arrived in Kampala, Uganda yesterday afternoon and were greeted by our hosts, Jade and Sheila. Travels were good and nobody got sick this time. This morning started off at the Cornerstone Uganda office. We learned about the many ministries they have going on. One big thing they are doing is a leadership training program for the youth. They also have things like sports programs, a cattle ranch, and Youth Corps homes. Then we went to the slums of Kampala to do home visits with a ministry called Manna Ministry. This was started to help people get out of their desert by giving them staple foods for 6 months. This is directly related to goals 1 and 7 of the MDG’s. Giving the people food allows them to save up their money and pull themselves out of poverty. Part of goal 7 is to achieve significant improvement in lives of at least 100 million slum dwellers. Food seems to be a good improvement. The ministry is still very young but it gave us a ray of hope to see that something like Manna has been started and is successful. The home visits were quite powerful. We were split up into four groups with translators and then we went into the homes of people who have been receiving food from Manna. We were able to go inside each of the homes and see the living conditions. One woman was having a water problem because it was coming up through her floor. She still had a sense of humor about it though. She said it was less work to mop or get water that didn’t need to be clean; she just had to get it off the floor. The homes were not structurally sound and some were even made of mud and sticks. One woman was a little worried about her wall falling in. The longer we walked through the slums the more curious children we accumulated. None of them had shoes and they loved holding our hands. At the end of our visits we got to see a local church worship service. They didn’t have much of a building, no air conditioning, no chairs, no fans, and no bulletins. I wondered if that is more like what the church should look like.

Our next stop was a widow support group meeting. We were told we could buy really neat paper-bead jewelry that the women had made. I don’t think any of us expected to leave with what we did; joy. Who knew a bunch of widowed Ugandan women who have nothing but their beads and each other could be so happy with life. We weren’t there for more than 20 minutes before a woman jumped out of her seat and began singing and dancing praise songs to Jesus. The women were so happy. It was incredible to see this kind of hope and joy. This is what God can do, even if you have literally nothing but yourself to offer. One woman was giving an introduction about the support group and she mentioned that they were just old women, some who were sick, but you could not tell because God had changed them so much. Another lady jumped up next to her and said “Aren’t we beautiful?”. I say they are probably the most beautiful group of people I have seen on this trip so far. These women had nothing and now they truly have everything they could ever ask for simply because they have Jesus. So now we ask you:

We have dirty feet and no pants.

Aren’t we beautiful?

We have dirty clothes and can’t read.

Aren’t we beautiful?

We are diseased, covered in mud, and smell.

Aren’t we beautiful?

We have nothing except Jesus and our paper beads.

Aren’t we beautiful?



Nina P.

One thought on “Aren’t We Beautiful? July 15 by Nina

  1. Ahhhh Nina I’m so glad to read one of your posts!!!!!! I hope your having an amazing time. I miss you lots.

    ❤ Lin

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