Everything changes
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Everything changes

By Missy Ward Angalla My husband is black. Not African American, but Ugandan. We met volunteering together nine years ago. We connected over our passion for God, helping refugees, our passion for ministry, among other things. We fell in love, eventually got married and have been ministering together with and among refugee and Ugandan communities … Continue reading

A Journey of Bold Faith
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A Journey of Bold Faith

For congregations to thrive and Christ’s mission among us to flourish, the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship has entered a season of discovering where God would focus our work together. Take CBF’s online survey about your church and your personal ministry aspirations before Feb. 2.   This devotional is part of a series in January that tells stories of “Bold Faith” … Continue reading

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Student.Go – Words from the World – Chip Rotolo

This summer Student.Go personnel are serving in 19 locations around the world.  University of North Carolina student Chip Rotolo is living and working at the Center of Hope in Kampala, Uganda with CBF field personnel Jade and Shelah Acker.  Daily, I have the rare and very special opportunity of teaching, living, and learning among refugees from over ten … Continue reading

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Parton to Poverty

Today was the national holiday Martyrs’ Day in Uganda, celebrating a group of Christians that were killed by King Mwanga in 1886. While thousands of Christians make pilgrimages, our local hotel chose to celebrate by playing Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers on loud speakers at 7 am! Neadless to say, waking up to Dolly is … Continue reading