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Student.Go – Words from the World – Chip Rotolo

This summer Student.Go personnel are serving in 19 locations around the world.  University of North Carolina student Chip Rotolo is living and working at the Center of Hope in Kampala, Uganda with CBF field personnel Jade and Shelah Acker


Daily, I have the rare and very special opportunity of teaching, living, and learning among refugees from over ten different countries. I teach them English, Bible stories, and different characteristics of cultures, but they teach me of things happening in the world that I never could have imagined . . . things that seem to “slip” the mind of the comfortable American. With people of so many nationalities, and even different tribes and languages within those nationalities, we are connected through faith and love. With faith at varying stages, we look forward to a brighter future for all by learning as much as possible and submitting ourselves to God. With love, we form one of the most diverse communities of the world and reach out arms for others to join. With faith in God and reciprocating love, we really do believe we can do anything, even if it means working up from the very bottom.

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One thought on “Student.Go – Words from the World – Chip Rotolo

  1. Chip Rotolo is a very special and gifted young man who has the love of God in his heart and the fire of the Holy Spirit in his stomach. Those two indwellings make for a sure fire Man of God who will never stop being the presence of Christ wherever he is. If it is in Helena, AR (where Chip served last year) or in Uganda, Chip will and is doing the will of our Savior. We are happy to see Chip grow in his experience through Student.go. He is one of the next generation Men of God.
    Ben and Leonora Newell

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