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Online auction benefits Touching Miami with Love

Canvas paintings like this are among the many items available for purchase in Touching Miami With Love’s online auction this week.

Touching Miami with Love (TML) kicked off its online auction this week, giving you an opportunity to bid on more than 80 items and contribute to the work of empowerment in the lives of inner-city Miami families. Through Sunday, July 22, the auction showcases a collection of treasures ranging from TML youth artwork and handmade quilts to professional photography sessions and private cruises. All proceeds from the auction go directly to the TML youth program and general funding.

In the Miami neighborhood of Overtown, where the median household income is $11,314, citizens face many consequences of poverty including high crime, drug trafficking and use, high teenage pregnancy rate, failed education and lack of quality activities. Among a medley of uncertainties, TML provides a framework of security in the lives of young people, who engage in year-round education, tutoring, recreation and mentoring programs, as well as adults, who receive free income tax preparation, access to a back-to-school supply store, a Christmas shopping opportunity and other family empowerment programs.

While most online bidders this week will merely see the glow of their computer screens as they select their favorite item, Angel Pittman, TML director of development and one of CBF’s field personnel, sees opportunity.

“These funds translate into hope,” Pittman said. “Our mission is to share the love of Christ by offering opportunities and resources for our community, and this funding allows us to expand those opportunities. We have so many church groups that come and spend time with us, but this is a way for everybody to stay connected, support us and bring a bit of TML home with them.”

Notable bits of TML offered in the auction include hand-painted plate sets as part of the Art that Feeds Project, through which all proceeds will fund evening meals for the Today’s Leaders High School Youth Development Program. Art lovers also have the chance to take home canvas works and notecard packs painted by TML youth. For those seeking a bit more adventure, the auction offers multiple Miami hotel packages, local dining certificates and private cruises in Miami’s picturesque Biscayne Bay.

Don’t miss this opportunity to own a piece of TML, liven your summer and be a part of God’s mission in Miami. For more information and to bid, visit

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