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Life In His Service

I thought about titling this refection “From the Front Lines” but decided that isn’t what we are about. We are not warriors fighting a war but rather, servants of the Lord trying to help people who cannot help themselves. Maybe we’ll just call it Life in His Service.

I have been moved by reading biographies of Hudson Taylor, Missionary to China, and George Mueller the great German missionary who helped hundreds of children with his orphanages. I have particularly enjoyed reading the daily entries into their diaries. The hot summer days back in the 19th century seem to parallel with our life here in the hot eastern NC summer of the 21st century. As I read it seems that my life is paralleled with their lives. Situations are different. Needs are similar. The common thread is God provides.

Here are a few entries from the Anderson diary of 2012:
• Truck breaks down. No money to fix it. Can’t deliver food to people in need.
• Colleague and friend is battling cancer.
• Our dear colleague and friend dies.
• Gasoline takes over as people, who normally donate, to the center, now purchase gas for their own lives. Donations are at an all-time low at the center.
• Food supply is low.
• Employees at the center are in danger of no pay.
• This week a funding source for, our personal needs, cannot keep their commitment to us and the expected check has not arrived.
• Within the church we attend there arises the old CBF/SBC discussion that was so hurtful to us in the hot summer of 1985; I really don’t want to go down that road again.

(I’ll bet you can make your own list).

Through all of the above financial needs God is providing, little by little, and I know with faith and confidence that all financial needs will be met. (This financial provision of day by day reminds me of what I have read in the 19th century readings). After 3 months we got the truck fixed and paid cash for the repair. We prayed for healing for our friend and colleague and God provided her home going. God is providing food daily, just what we need to distribute to our neighbors in need. I looked out the window to see “Sister Shirley,” one of our street people, leaving the center with a jug of water and a box of food; once again I was reminded that God has provided for Shirley and me.

As I minister here in these hot days of summer I have quoted the Psalm often: “I waited patiently for the Lord…He heard my complaint….How blessed are they who wait upon the Lord.” One of Hudson Taylor’s favorite hymns is “Jesus, I am Resting, Resting.” These words written so many years ago still calm our hearts as we live life in His Service; blessed by His provision and resting in His assurance that all is under His control.

LaCount and Anna Anderson serve as CBF Field Personnel in Eastern NC. You are invited to view their web site:

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