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God’s Restoration

By Missy Ward-Angalla

Two years ago, I sat next to Sherry at the hospital while she was in labor. She looked into my eyes, placed her hand. over mine, and said , “Thank you, Missy. I don’t know what I would have done without you all. I had completely lost hope.”

Nine months earlier Sharifah found herself in the pit of despair. She had just survived a violent assault that left her traumatized and pregnant. As a widow with 3 children, living on less than $1 a day, she thought, “how can I go on?”

Prayers and support from our CBF community empowered us to come alongside Sherry, offering her counseling, prenatal care and access to a safe delivery. She began to hope again. At the hospital that day, Sherry shared that she decided to name her daughter Favor, for she had seen the favor of God through the support and care of Amani Sasa. 

But walking alongside her did not end there. Generous gifts from our CBF and ministry partners provided Sharifah and other young moms the opportunity to go through an intensive post-natal program where they received counseling, skills, and tools needed to heal and rebuild their lives. Sharifah was among the first graduates of this program 

Now, just two years later, it amazing to see how far they have come! Favor is now a happy and vibrant two-year-old, and Sharifah is now on staff at Amani Sasa. She is now empowered and thriving.

Last week, she won an award bestowed by her fellow staff members at Amani Sasa—The Ultimate Team Player award. She held her award with confidence and deep joy. She was humbled to know that she had been selected by the leadership and staff at our ministry center. Standing next to her in that moment reminded me of the amazing power of God to restore.

In just two short years, God has brought Sherry from the pit of despair to now rejoicing with joy and gladness. Witnessing her testimony was a wonderful and powerful reminder of God’s faithfulness to bring hope, healing, and restoration to the most vulnerable women, men, and children within our community. 

Missy Ward-Angalla is a CBF field personnel serving through Amani Sasa in Kampala, Uganda. You can learn more about and support her ministry at www.cbf.net/ward.

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