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Ideas for missions education

CBF’s November missions education study is North Africa. Your church may also hear about North Africa as a part of this year’s fall emphasis for the Offering for Global Missions. Did you know that the missions education resources, Form, Spark, Ignite, and Affect, can help support your church’s efforts toward the Offering? Here are a few ideas for using CBF’s missions education resources to promote the Offering for Global Missions: 
  • Church-wide mission project: Form and Spark encourage class projects to help support the Offering. Consider using the idea in Spark of having a church-wide missions fair. Children can sell the book marks or placemats that they’ve made in their classes. Preschoolers can sell the spice mix Ras el-hanout that they’ve made and use their pottery banks as collection boxes throughout the fair. Encourage adults who crochet to make larger items to sell. Invite youth to help setup and teardown the fair and provide missions moments from the Offering Web site. Use the posters and additional resources (including missions moments) to publicize the event. At the end of the fair, send your collection to CBF, P.O. Box 101699, Atlanta, GA 30392 and designate OGM in the memo line. 
  • Kick-off event for Christmas offering: Many churches focus on international missions during the Advent season. Host a kick-off dinner on a Wednesday or Sunday night to share information about North Africa and about your church’s missions goal this year. Prepare some of the recipes from Spark and set the table with the placemats the children have made to help your congregation experience North African culture. Show the video from the Offering website (or DVD) and invite someone to share a missions moment about CBF’s ministry in North Africa. Use the preschoolers’ clay collection banks to take up money for the Offering. 
  • At home: Using the theme “Embrace the World,” talk to your family about CBF’s ministry in North Africa. Discuss how the CBF field personnel living in North Africa often minister to those who have been overlooked or neglected. Use the information provided in Opportunities to Affect or in the background sections of Form or Spark to help your family understand how important it is to “embrace” those whom others have forgotten. Consider placing a jar at home to collect for the Offering for Global Missions. For every embrace (hug, kiss, high-five, etc.) each day place a dime or a quarter in the jar. When your jar fills up, help your family give thanks for the love surrounding them and pray for those around the world that don’t feel as loved. Send your family collection to CBF, P.O. Box 101699, Atlanta, GA 30392 and designate OGM in the memo line. 
Consider using some of these ideas to help your congregation learn about CBF’s missional ministry. Share other ideas that you might have as well!

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