CBF Days

A couple of weeks ago a group of the national Fellowship staff packed up our displays and made the journey north the Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond (BTSR).  This trip was apart of annual visits to the Fellowship’s partner schools called CBF Days.  A representative from each area of Fellowship life and ministry come to the schools to meet with students throughout the day, share lunch together, visit classes, and generally build relationship. 


I enjoy the relationship building.  Since we began having official CBF Days three years ago, I have been able to meet many students, have wonderful conversations about their interests, studies, ministries while in school, and their hopes and plans for the future.  Some of these students have entered the Fellowships candidate process for missions, and I have journeyed with them as they discovered and fulfilled some of their hopes and plans. 


One student last year spoke with me about her experiences in short-term missions in Asia and China.  Her eyes brightened as she spoke of her passion to go back and serve.  Today she is in China, a field representative of the Fellowship.  Another student spoke of his ministry with the marginalized and impoverished in his city.  He spent a lot of time writing down books and e-mails of people that were doing similar ministry across the country.  At BTSR the other day, I sat down across from a student at lunch and asked her to tell me about herself.  She told me that she had started at BTSR a couple of years ago when her husband and she had felt compelled to move to Costa Rica and serve.  So, they did.  Now I am not sure about you, but that caught me off guard.  Who just up and moves to Costa Rica?  We had a good conversation about the ministry that they are doing there and the opportunities for partnership by the Fellowship.


I am continuously encouraged and amazed by the people that I meet at these CBF Days.  Sure, we share information about the Fellowship and the programs and opportunities for connection.  However, at every stop, we learn about the Fellowship and the vibrant people that form it.   

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