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Seminary: A Sensory Experience

As I come to the close of my seminary career, I feel that I have to impart some wisdom to those who might be considering seminary or are currently in school. This is more than just a “what I wish I would have known,” list but an encouragement to join the experience whole-heartedly. Join me in the journey:


1. See-See it all! Use your eyes to take in the world around you. Don’t be afraid to do something different, to choose a school that is unlike anywhere you have ever been or studied. Take a risk. 


2. Taste-Relish the good flavors of your unique institution. By this I mean more than just eating good foods (although that is not to be diminished!), but immerse yourself fully in the educational experience so much that you can taste the goodness.


3. Touch-Feel the community around you. Each person has a story and when we share in our joys and struggles, we are shaped into better and stronger Christians.


4. Smell-Breathe in the scents and be invigorated by the oxygen in your lungs. This is an exciting place where you can explore all that God is and the ways that the Church can live, move, and work in the world.


5. Hear-Listen to the sounds of praise whether they be a prayer in the hallway or the music in chapel. Listen and join in the music of your world!

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