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Last Minute Resources for Lent

Still looking for resources for Lent, maybe just starting?  There are several quality resources out there that still might make it to your church in time for Ash Wednesday or the Sunday following, but only if you act quick!

One fine resource that you might use for Lent is a new resource from CBF called Words that Shape and Form (Words).  Words is a forty-day resource that explores a different Church-related term for each day of Lent, beginning with the term Ash Wednesday.  Words can be used by individuals, small groups, and congregations. Ideal for the Lenten season and other forty-day periods of the Christian year, Words helps participants explore the meaning and transforming potential of words like advent, missional, and xenos. With reflection questions and spiral binding, this resource makes for an exceptional devotional piece or small group study.Paired with each term is a reading of scripture as well as several reflection questions.  You can order this resource through the CBF Store online at or by calling  1.888.401.4CBF.  Ordering 25-50 will cost you $8.50 each. 

For years the Christian Board of Publication (Disciples of Christ) has produced a quality Lenten devotional.  This year’s devotional is titled Fellowship of Prayer 2009.  You can order this resource from Chalice Press online at   Ordering 25-249 of these will cost you $2.50 each. 

If you’re looking for an online resource that you can make available to your church members, don’t forget CBF partner Passport’s online Lenten devotional Journey to the Cross.  You can access this valuable resource at

Want more?  Check out the CBF Lenten Resources page at:

Of course, if I can help you in anyway, please don’t hesitate to contact me at

May God bless you this Lent with a spirit of restlessness!


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