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Is Generosity the New Fundraising?

Generosity is rising. Generosity seems new. Generosity is not stewardship. But will it be?

Stewardship was a great term, concept, and doctrine in the 20th century, until of course, it came to mean church fundraising. Today, the practical definition of stewardship is giving to fund the needs of the church as an institution. Stewardship no long excites. Stewardship is boring.

Now comes generosity. First, it is not stewardship. Second, it is warm, exciting and satisfying. Third, it is not linked, yet, to the fundraising needs of the church as institution. Generosity is in the 21st century what stewardship was in the early 20th century…a way to live a responsible Christian life, a way to connect with others, a way to have more fulfillment. Unless….generosity becomes the new fundraising term.

Will it? Has it already?

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