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Ministering Cross-culturally in California – Fran Stevenson

The following post is from Fran Stevenson, CBF affiliate serving in the San Francisco Bay area among Afghan refugees. Her ministry, as well as the ministry of Lita and Rick Sample, is the focus of this month’s missions education resources.

I have been working extensively with a young family. N. & F have two small children.  The baby was born here in the United States and is now 6 months old. I had lunch at their home yesterday and instead of the typical rice, meat, & baloney, F. made chicken burgers. Her husband told me this has become her favorite meal and that she is becoming American. Even though they have a dining room table & chairs, we still all sit on the floor Afghani style and share from the plates in the middle. Children always sit with us and eat off everyone’s plate! My life has been greatly blessed by meeting my Afghan friends. They are always pleased to see me. They always have time to stop and have tea and share. I have learned that being relational is satisfying, and learning new cultures opens up the mind and frees the spirit.

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