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Post-Retreat Blues

Ever attended a retreat that was great but you still found yourself back in the trenches just a few weeks later?  I’m experiencing some of that already on the heels of the recent Current retreat that was held jointly with CBF’s Spiritual Formation/Christian Educator’s retreat (True Survivor), a few weeks ago in Orlando, FL.

The retreat was truly wonderful: a mountaintop…in Orlando! It was chock full of Brian Mclaren speaking, provocative breakouts, wonderful weather, refreshing worship and much needed networking. All these ingredients came together to make for a “productive” and (most importantly) renewing retreat.  Plus, I think a few folks even managed to squeeze in jaunts to Disney and the beach!

But the buzz fades and what are you left with? Not all of it remains. You come down from the mountain and what’s one to make of it? A few things do stick. Let me share with you what remains for me…what I am taking with me–for the long journey–that I wouldn’t have had without the retreat:

  • Heightened awareness of the BIGNESS of the world’s problems and the BIGNESS of God’s Kingdom, and the smallness that often distracts us.
  • There’s nothing that can replace having a good time with old and new friends.
  • Generations coming together…one step at a time. That warms my heart.
  • The caring and gentle tone of both Amy Butler and Joy Yee.
  • To be a part of a movement that is asking deep questions and seeking deep ministry with deep meaning, I am very grateful.
  • Chatting with Bo Prosser one minute and the next, hanging out with brand new seminary students who are looking for ways to find a home and support for their calling in CBF.
  • Having the opportunity to shape some sacred space for my colleagues who rarely get that for themselves.

These are some of the morsels of memories, challenges, and encouragements that are sticking with me even as the event fades. And I’m sure they will continue to nourish me through the valley, the plains, and the mountaintops of ministry–and of life.

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