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Tax Ministry to Afghan Immigrants

The following post is from Rick Sample, one of CBF’s field personnel living and ministering among the Afghan community of northern California. Rick and Lita Sample, as well as Fran Stevenson, are featured in the March unit of CBF’s missions education resources.


This month I have set up a tax return service for Afghan families in our community.  Many of the Afghan people have been working for the first time in the USA in 2008 and consequently are completing their first ever tax return.  Obviously, this is confusing for them.  Two ladies in our local CBF church, Crossroads Church in Fremont, CA, Alma and Brenda, have volunteered their time on Saturdays to complete tax returns for Afghan immigrants.  They are tax professionals who have wanted to use their professional skills in a ministry with internationals.  I have contacted Afghan families whom I know and offered this service.  On Saturdays in March, we have met at a local coffee shop that has internet access and Alma and Brenda have completed several tax returns each time.  Many of the immigrants have qualified for a nice tax refund, which has been a very pleasant surprise for most of them.  They have been most appreciative of this ministry.  This ministry has been meaningful on several levels: internationals have been blessed by having their tax returns quickly e-filed and having the confusion alleviated; our local church has been able to engage in a worthwhile ministry to Afghan immigrants; Alma and Brenda have been able to utilize their professional skills in a ministry that helps internationals; and I have been blessed as CBF Global Missions field personnel to have been able to facilitate this ministry. 

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