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“I’ll just have water”

Just water for a month? Are you kidding me?!!

This may seem absurd, but I have decided to fast from all liquids apart from water (except on Sabbath) for the Lenten season. Why? To raise awareness in my own life and the lives of those around me about the need for safe drinking water around the world.

I must admit this idea is not my own, but that of Blood:Water Mission. It has been tougher than I thought! Over the past few weeks, I have tasted these beverages on the tip of my tongue, but instead I happily filled up my water bottle. I feel at times that I am suffering for the cause until I recall what I experienced last summer.

I was blessed to have been a part of the Student.Go MDG team that traveled to five countries in seven weeks. Our two week stop in Ethiopia was focused on none other than my favorite Lenten delicacy in Goal #7 – water. It is then that I learned the precious nature of a resource I had considered to be available to all.

Our team joined Water Is Life, International to dig a well with indigenous leaders and villagers at Lake Langano. It is awe-inspiring to think that the well that we helped dig is providing clean water to villagers who have walked hours a day roundtrip for generations to retrieve dirty water. It is providing water that will help make mothers and children healthy. It is providing pride for the community. It is providing life.

I have said the phrase “I’ll just have water” more times than I can count over the last month, but I now say this with a little prayer attached. I thank God for the blessing of water because some for our brothers and sisters around the world — water is life.

4 thoughts on ““I’ll just have water”

  1. thanks for sharing, carson. it was an amazing experience last summer, and it is powerful to see that you are taking real steps to respond to the needs we saw.


  2. Hi Carson,
    “I tap that,” as we said in Ethiopia. It was great to have you and the others participate with Water is Life last summer. I will be seeing the Selam team next week and will pass along your greetings.
    Take care,

  3. Thanks Carson.
    I gave up Diet Coke, which has caused me to remember that my small sacrifice is a poor substitute for the one Jesus gave. But I’m thankful this journey is ’bout over! He is risen!

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