General CBF

All the truth I know…

One of my daily prayers is “Lord, help me to remember that all the truth I know is NOT all the truth!”

Easter reminds me that I know very little truth. The simple profession, “Christ is Risen!” and the response, “He is risen indeed!” is about all the truth I know (or need) about Easter. As early as the Corinthian Christians, there was arrogance and argument over what did or did not happen on that first Easter. And, even today the debate continues.

But, here’s the deal for me…If Jesus was resurrected, nothing else matters AND if Jesus wasn’t, well, nothing else matters.

Jesus IS who He says and Easter bears that out. We don’t worship at a grave site on Easter…we serve a Risen Lord! And for me, that’s Good News, and Truth.

Is it really that simple? Who knows! But for me, “He is risen! He is risen indeed!” And that’s all the truth I need! I wish for us all the mystery and celebration of Easter!

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