General CBF

It’s not over yet

I have recently been reminded of the violent world in which we live. As hard as I try to live in the “right parts of town” or avoid watching the news all the time, I just can’t seem to escape all of the pain and suffering.

How appropriate that this reminder comes during Holy Week. As I await the arrival of Maundy Thursday and Good Friday I remember that the violence of this world is not something new. I remember that Jesus experienced violence in a real and tangible way as his hands and feet were nailed to a cross. Jesus knows the pain of this world. But I also remember that violence is not the end of the story. On Easter morning we remember the hope, peace, and joy that come with the resurrection. The pain of this world does not have the last word. Our loud Alleluias, glowing Easter lilies, and flower-filled crosses pronounce to the world that Christ is Risen! He is Risen indeed! So while we wait for Easter Sunday may we not allow the violence, pain, and suffering of this world to overwhelm us because the story is not over yet.  

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