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So you think YOU can dance?

She is displaced in Kampala, lost her husband to AIDS, has HIV herself, and takes care of 15 kids. Despite all of this, she is dancing and singing “I’m so glad that Jesus set me free” while making necklaces from paper strips. This is the story of just one of the women at the widow’s group that the Student.Go MDG team visited with last summer in Kampala, Uganda.

When I think of Goal #3- promoting gender equality and empowering women – my mind immediately goes straight to widows like those in Kampala who sing and dance in praise to God because of the lives they have been given.

 It does not matter that they either have or could develop a life threatening illness from their conditions. It does not matter that they continue to take on children from family members and others in their communities that continue to pass away from war or HIV/AIDS. It does not even matter that the only income that they are receiving is from their paper bead microenterprise.

What does matter is that they have each other to share in joys and tears and also that they have a God who loves them beyond their own understanding.

If you ever want to see empowered women in action, take a quick trip to Uganda. Oh, and make sure you bring your dancing shoes because they will be ready to boogie.

One thought on “So you think YOU can dance?

  1. This is a great post. I’m increasingly impressed with your ability to communicate these issues in our context.

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