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Learning Something New

             When you work with people that come from different places going into culturally and economically diverse areas, it is important that everyone goes in with a open minds.  People read about an area or may have lived in an environment that mirrors the current experience of those they are called to work with, yet they close their minds to the possibility that they have much to learn from the residents of that community. Last week there was a group of individuals that had come to work with the children in camp and do various activities. Because they had done so multiple times and were coming to work with underprivileged kids, they acted as though they had the answer for these “clueless” ghetto people.  Jesus was the answer and they were the messengers of this profound truth.  Prayer would make the violence stop, gangs and drug dealing would be no longer be a temptation, and the kids would grow up with new hope of holiness. 

         As supervisor, I am responsible for the welfare of those involved in the camp, the parents look to me for answers about the camp activities and safety, and I have to answer to the director for the camp’s progress, yet I was disregarded and totally dismissed because this was my first time working with them until there was an angry parent, hurt children, and the possibility of retaliation within the community. With quick thinking, involvment of the director, and respect of my lack of answers by seeking help, the situation was peacefully resolved. The situation made me very aware of the danger that can erupt when pride and arrogance override humility and a willingness to learn. It also made me appreciate the local leaders of the community has valuable resources whenever I go and work somewhere new or different. The next time you go somewhere that is not your home community it would serve you well to ask questions before assuming that you have all of the answers. It could help you avoid a lot of hurt feelings, broken community relationships, or a lack of trust of established institutions. The end result can ultimately be a positive presence in the midst of a negative environment which I know Jesus has really called us to do.  Be Blessed!!

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