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Walking the walk versus talking the talk…

Supposedly we CBF-types, in general, support the whole idea of women in ministry – including as senior pastors. Many of our churches and many of our male pastors would claim to be open to the whole idea. But, when it comes down to actually issuing a call to a female for a senior pastorate position, what happens often belies this claim.

 I heard recently from one of our fine young women ministers who had what she described as a “close encounter” with a pastor opportunity. There had been two face-to-face interviews and things seemed to be progressing to a positive finish resulting in the call of this young woman. But as the process approached the finish line, the committee balked.  In fact, one voice on the committee was allowed to derail the whole process. It was probably the same old oft-heard story: “I just don’t think our church is ready for a woman pastor.”

 I would hope that more pastors would step up to the plate to help educate and encourage their congregations to be more open to the fact that God can and does call women to be pastors. I would wish that when they are out of the pulpit (or even when they are present), they would invite a woman to preach in their stead. Let’s expose our churches to this  concept more often and with more conviction. Let’s do more walking along with all our talking.

3 thoughts on “Walking the walk versus talking the talk…

  1. I fully agree with you comments, it is so difficult for a woman to be accepted as pastor. And since God does the calling I just do not understand why male counterparts keep getting away with this prejudice sin. Who is man to stop the calling and progress of God. Also, women who are called must come together with a common goal to help stamp out such behavior. Often other women are the mainline hinderance due to female issues. They often want a man as many seek and strive on special treatment in the church. If we could get more women to recognize that God desire to use women in leadership roles in the church as anywhere else.

  2. Very interesting and relevant point. Especially interesting to one like myself, the father of three beautiful and committed Christian daughters (One of which who has surrendered to the call of Christ upon her life in a vocational capacity).

    I’ve done a little research. With all the disparaging verbage of CBF (“non-denominational network”) supporters against die-hard Fundamentalists for which SBC serves as iconic embodiment thereof, CBf actually holds the same position in the race of gender equality (perhaps a nose ahead) with their arch enemy on a figurative race track of church progress in this area.

    That position? BUTT-NAKED LAST

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